Grade 5 Memories

Here is where I put my Grade 5 Memories . I have had fights (and still do) I loved grade 5 it was awesome the camp and class party’s. I have nothing left to say but you write your favorite memories here thats the challenge.

Life Around The Ocean

Here is a good question for you. Do you think sharks eat you on purpose? Or is it an accident? Of course sharks aren’t the bad ones, it is by mistake they think your a seal. If you think I’m wrong, watch Shark Water! We saw the video/documentary. It was touching so was Project KaiSei. Project KaiSei mean “Ocean Planet” in Japaneses. Project KaiSei cleans the water to prevent the Ocean Species from dying out. Or we will die… And I don’t think YOU want to die. Because the plastic that you put in the ocean, the fish eat. The toxic from the plastic gets into you and you get poisoned.

If you want to stop this, help out! Fund raises will help many! Take action, be awesome!


Friday is my favorite day of the week. Why, because I can play games and no homework. Lower school (1 grade-6 grade) don’t get homework on the weekend. How cool is that!

Now its your turn. What do YOU like about Fridays, if not, why?

The Last Blogging Challenge

The last blogging challenge doesn’t mean I will stop blogging. (Or will I?) I have to answer some questions before I  leave this blogging challenge.


How many posts did you write?
How many were school based or your own interests?
How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas


I wrote 28 posts  (including this post)

Most of them were school based, 13 posts were school.

I have 18 comments.

That was all…

Challenge of the post time! (So you can smile)

What kind of post should I do next? I don’t have an idea so maybe you can help!

Please leave  comment to help!

Camp With DragonFly

2 Weeks ago on a Wednesday, we went to camp with DragonFly. We did rock climbing, night hiking, tie dying, a cheer off, and more!

We had a tiring day. The first day we had the Amazing Race! Like the Amazing Race on TV, but for kids or else we would die trying! We had to navigate ourselves with our group through the island and look at the questions and answer them.

We then after let ourselves eat for lunch. YAY, that was one of my favorite activities (just kidding!)

After eating we headed off up a HUGE mountain and then we did some rock climbing and indoor games. We first split into 2 groups and 1 half did rock climbing and the other indoor games/tie dying. 1-13 did rock climbing and 14-25 did indoor games/tie dying.

Our half did rock climbing. It was fun yet scary… if you don’t think its scary, have you heard of de-gloving?  Like on rock climbing wall you see those metal circles if you grip onto those things you lose your finger.

Then we went to have dinner,  the food was kinda cold when we arrived at the table. I…I…I, only lived on bread…

After, we were so tired so we went to survival games, instead of Night Hike. Survival games is were you auction powers like control over all elements,  control over minds and more!

We then headed off to bed , our bed time there was 10:00 pm.

The next day was off to the Pirate Cave!  We split it off to 1-13 and -14-25, our half (1-13), did learning about the Pirate Cave, then after we went in… it had a nice warm breeze that went through the cave as we climbed through. It was very dark and narrow cracks and graffiti were all through out the cave, we had our torches to end the darkness as well…

The following activity was lunch at 12:15 (morning). It was next to the beach so we watched the Ocean waves while eating a sandwich.

We had to leave to Camp Crafts were we did tie-dying and rock climbing. Our group had to split off to two groups 1-13 and 14-25. Our half did Rock climb at first, it was pretty hard to get up the wall. I thought I could climb higher! But no… Although we had to go to the top or else we can’t go down. No choice.

After the hard rock climbing, we went to do tie-dying. I did a bunch of random ties. We had the color to put in was Golden Yellow. Wow what and interesting day!

So after that we went and had a BBQ dinner. And again I.. I lived on bread… After the dinner BBQ we went on a night hike.

They told us in the night hike we might see a snake, and guess what? We saw the highly venomous bamboo snake. And it strikes without warning. How nice… But the rest of the trip we saw a spider, and lots of frogs. Then we headed to our cabins. Just so you know, the boys slept in the pink building and the girls slept in the blue one. How weird… and I had the biggest room in the building! (With other friends).

Then the last day we had camp we had Mountain biking and the trust games. We had the trust/team building games. Again we split 1-13 and 14-25. The trust/team building games was fun! The Helium Hoop was the hardest game there. Then we had Mountain biking. It was a lot of fun! We went up and down hills then we saw this dude. He kept on saying “girl” pronouncing it “gal”. It was lots of fun!

That was the last activity… sadly that was our last. We had to head back to school. No!!!

Well that was my DragonFly trip!

The Growth On Facebook

The growth on Facebook since 2004. 6 years have passed and billions of people have now joined Facebook. It started off with two collage twins and there friend to keep in contact with each other. But then other people joined onto Facebook putting on  games and other things. There friend took all the credit for Facebook. ;(

Now Challenge Of The Post time!

Question: Have one of your friends ever took all the credit for something you did?

Then leave a comment of your thought.

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Photo Of The Day

atlantis_resort-bahamas,_unruhs_disney_cruise_06 The best place I ever went to was Atlantis, the Bahamas. This was best summer vacation destination I ever went to because there were so many water rides, we swam with the dolphins and the weather was GREAT..!!! But sadly, we wont go back because it was an 19 hour flight…